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Tribute name: Mollusc
PB image link: James Rolleston
Age: 15
Sex: m
District: 4
Score: 6

Basic Information: Orphaned at a young age, for Mollusc (or as close friends and family call him, Molly) it's always been he and his sister against the world. Or rather, against the Capitol. He's not bitter for any personal injustice come to him personally, but he carries the anger of the District as a whole, especially when the Capitol has made things needlessly harder on his sister who works tirelessly for them both, to the point he can even continue going to school-- despite his protests he should help. But just as well, he'll help anyway.

He does all this while still managing plenty of free time for enjoying himself. He hangs out with the other Districters, and enjoys talking with his sister. He often helps at a local tourist restaurant serving all kinds of dishes. And under the table, he serves the rebellion that waits within the District, prevalent among the people there.

He sees the Games as sick and doesn't want anything to do with them, except maybe to speak with old Victors. Unfortunately, one of the most infamous of these Victors, Finnick Odair, passed away while in the Capitol over a year ago. Mollusc isn't biting. He doesn't believe there to be no foul play for a second.

Mollusc's cynicism is tempered by sarcasm and his lack of hesitation in doing what he thinks needs to be done, which is uniting those around him in a fight against the real enemy. Still, he's about as surprised over the reaping as he is that the sky is blue.

Arena Information: Being from District four, Mollusc is naturally an excellent swimmer. He's experienced with all kinds of rope knotting and fishing weaponry. He's also a mean cook if he does say so himself, knowing how to prepare all kinds. Mollusc doesn't like the idea of killing but will not hesitate if it comes down to it. He has family to get back to. He'd protect those he trusted but would get by just as well on his own.

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